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2019-06-11 WIFFA

Briefly Introduction(公司简介):

We are a company founded in Jordan in 2018 for the development of the shipping solutions, and the logistics and marketing services of consignments from all over the world to the different Iraqi districts in coordination with the rest of the companies within our group. Distinguished by our broad experience in land transport, and sea and air freights, with a professional staff that is trained in handling all types of consignments, in addition to our well-established knowledge of the the Iraqi roads and crossings to ensure the fast delivery of consignments with the least risk possible at the best price.

Blue Group is a large and well-established global group of four licenced companies that specializes in shipping solutions, customs clearance, warehousing, land transport, sea, and airfreight worldwide.

(约旦)Blue Bird For Shipping Development & Marketing Co.(以下简称:Blue Bird)成立于2018,是一家约旦本土的物流货代公司,是具有33年悠久历史的BLUE GROUP 旗下的子公司之一,Blue Group是一家大型的全球集团,Blue Bird与其他3家子公司共同协作,专门从事全球范围内的航运解决方案、清关、仓储、陆运、海运和空运。

BLUE BIRD的优势是开发从世界各地运往伊拉克不同地区的货运解决方案,以及物流和营销服务。

Company Name(公司名称): (约旦)Blue Bird For Shipping Development & Marketing Co.

Found date(成立时间): 2018

Country(国家): Jordan


Transport Model(主营业务):清关、仓储、陆运、海运和空运。(Blue Bird co is offering a full trucking service from all middle east countries, especially from/to Iraq. We have an excellent seafreight & airfreight from China especially in Medicine and Medical supplies.

Foodstuff is also one of our main goals from/to Iraq.)

Favorable Line(优势航线): China, Shanghai, North Europe and Middle East countries            

总经理:Wojood Nasr

电话: 00962 6 5524556

传真: 00962 6 5524557

Mobile: 00962 79 0830735






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